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Ecological action "The pure coast" PDF Печать E-mail

26th May 2014 in the Kronshtadt city took place an ecological action "The pure coast". It was directed on attention of public to the solution of environmental problems, promoting of ecological projects among youth and, as a result, on education of new ecologically conscious generation.

Action took place within the International project "2014-Year of the Gulf of Finland" in the form of a large-scale community work day on cleaning, improvement and preparation of the coastline of the Gulf of Finland for a summer season. This action takes place at the same time in three participating countries of the project (Russia, Finland, and Estonia).

Pure coast … Gulf of Finland … Summer … Good mood and funny friends. It is like description of holiday, but actually it is the ecological project "Pure Coast"!

The member of our club Stroganova Maria participated in this action. Action took place like a large-scale community work day to cleaning, improvement and preparation of the coastline of the Gulf of Finland for a summer season.

Besides a practical side, this project was aimed at education of the careful and responsible attitude at young people to rest and swim vacations. It was not simply the community work day, it was the real refuse collection competition among participants of the action.


The international seminar for teachers PDF Печать E-mail


The international seminar for exchange of experience teachers of hydrobiology, hydrochemistry and environmental monitoring

on the basis of the 58th Bios school in the item of Repino (Kurortny district)


to download the information letter

Distance learning PDF Печать E-mail

ATTENTION! Distance learning is opened on next site http://elearning.biopolitics.gr/.

More information on the reference.

Day of the Baltic Sea 2014 PDF Печать E-mail

The press-release of the XV International ecological forum "Day of the Baltic Sea - 2014"

Within the XV International ecological forum "Day of the Baltic Sea - 2014" 19 of March even before official opening the "Ecological Education and Education — Year of the Gulf of Finland" conference at which the coordinator of the international programs "Ecological club" took part and submitted Stroganova M. S. report took place. Maria acted with a hot topic "Ecological education and education within international Bios Olympiad and Bios-schools" where told about unique educational programs and a lot of work in the field of the international interaction concerning protection of the Gulf of Finland. On March 20 already on a round table "Formation of conditions for transition to ecologically safe agricultural activity and protection of water objects against biogenous loading from rural territories" the chairman of the board of club Epifanov A.V. made the scientific report "Identification of parameters of modeling of biogenous load of river system".

Generally, clubmen in a co-authorship presented the following works:

  1. Ecological education and education within International Bios Olympiad and Bios schools (Kushnerov A.I. Shishkin A.I. Stroganova M. S.)
  2. Integrated assessment of dumping of polluting substances in waterways of northern part of the Gulf of Finland (Kushnerov A.I. Potanin G. Yu. Antonov I.V. Shishkin A.I.)
  3. Application of geoinformation modeling complex for calculation of NDV and the VAT of the cross-border basin of the Vuoksa River (Shishkin A.I. Antonov I.V. Epifanov A.V. Kushnerov A.I.)
  4. Identification of parameters of modeling of biogenous load of river system (Shishkin A.I. Kushnerov A.I. Epifanova M. A. )
  5. Loading rationing from agricultural productions on biogenous substances (Petruneva E.A. Shishkin A.I. Epifanov A.V.)

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58 Bios-schools PDF Печать E-mail


Because for carrying out spring ecological camp from 22.03 for 31.03.2014 in boarding house there takes place reconstruction of rooms for our laboratory complex, the 58th Bios school is postponed to the summer period from 28.07 for 07.08.2014 with preservation of the transferred funds for participation.


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