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Our club as a part of the Bios-schools makes a monitoring of water bodies of Vyborgsky and Kurortny Districts of St. Petersburg as well as several waterways and water bodies of the Leningrad region. Monitoring is conducted on hydrochemical and hydrobiological parameters. In the photo gallery are listed water bodies with sampling points for water quality analysis.

Monitored water bodies:

  • The Gulf of Finland;
  • System of Suzdal'skie Lakes;
  • Golubie Lake;
  • Sestroretsky razliv lake;
  • River Malaya Sestra;
  • River Roshinka;
  • River Gladyshevka;
  • Gladyshevskoe lake;
  • Shuch'e lake;
  • River Privetnaya;
  • River Choyrnaya;
  • Stream Smolyachkov;
  • Stream Rzhavaya kanava;
  • River Kamenka;
  • River Starozhilovka etc.