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Results of the XIX International Bios-forum 2014 PDF Печать E-mail

XIX International Bios-forum and Bios-Olympiad 2014 took place in Saint-Petersburg during the period from 18 September to 23 September 2014 on the basis of Saint-Petersburg Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg state technological university of plant polymers and Saint-Petersburg state polytechnic university with the assistance of Committees of Administration of Saint-Petersburg: Committee of Science and Higher education and Committee on Youth policy and Interaction with public organizations.

The XIX International youth Bios-forum 2014 included the Scientific conference "The Year of the Gulf of Finland 2014 – youth Initiatives and Achievements of Cooperation in the field of Protection of Water Resources", International Bios-Olympiad 2014, which included personal- team competition by methods of research of environment, the competition of creative works and the competition of the scientific research works and the youth music art festival on the nomination "Ecology and Bio-culture".

18 of September 2014 in SPbSTU of plant polymers was expert estimation of proposals by nomination of creative works.

The ceremonial opening Bios-forum 2014 took place 19 of September 2014 at 15.00 in the Big-conference room of SPb of NTs Russian Academy of Sciences. Representatives of Administration of Saint-Petersburg, leading Russian and foreign scientists and public figures in the field of environmental protection and bio-culture and representatives of public organizations made a speech at a ceremony.

Also at 19 of September was Scientific conference "The Year of the Gulf of Finland 2014 – youth Initiatives and Achievements of Cooperation in the field of Protection of Water Resources" at which were discussed present ways of development of new principles and methods of environmental protection and the habitat for safety of future generations at different kinds of human activities. Also were discussed the problems of the Gulf of Finland and its basin.

At 20 of September in the showrooms of SPbSTU of plant polymers was opened the exhibition and competition of creative works. On a review to participants and jury were exposed more than 600 works on various directions: eco-design of rooms, works from natural materials, works on floristic, an emblem "The Year of the Gulf of Finland", the photo-works, traditional crafts of the people of Russia, posters and drawings, compositions on the subject "Ecology and Culture", video works.

At 20 of September a registered teams took part at Personal-team competition on the methods of research water resources in the Central park of Culture and Rest on the Elagin island.

At 21 of September in SPbSTU of plant polymers took place protection of research works on 9 sections (An ecological assessment of a state of environment; Problems of protection of flora; Problems of protection of fauna; Hydrobiological and hydrochemical researches of water ecosystems; Medical and social environmental problems; International cooperation in the field of BIO-environment and ecological safety; Tool researches of environment; Research of a condition of natural ecosystems; Biotechnology; An ecology and an ethnography).

The closing ceremony of the XIX International youth Bios-forum and Bios-Olympiad 2014 was at 22 of September 2014 in the White hall of SPbSPU where were awarded winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad and their research tutors and members of international jury and organization committee.

At 23 of September was a session by directors of delegations by results of XIX International Bios-forum 2014 with discussing of programs of present international and interregional cooperation for years 2015-2016.

In Bios-forum and Bios-Olympiad 2014 took part representatives of 12 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation (The Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Voronezh, Murmansk, Leningrad, Penza, Pskov, Saratov, Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar areas, St. Petersburg and Moscow), the Finland, the Serbia and the Greece more than 100 organizations.

In Scientific conference "The Year of the Gulf of Finland 2014 – youth Initiatives and Achievements of Cooperation in the field of Protection of Water Resources" were demonstrated 20 scientific works.

In total on Bios-Olympiad 2014 were given 200 research works. Diplomas of 1 degree awarded 95 participants, 2 degrees – 67 participants, 56 participants by diplomas of 3 degrees, 52 diplomas of the participation.

On creative competition were registered 432 works. 25 humans were awarded by diplomas of 1 degree, 30 – 2 degrees, 18 3 degrees, 355 have received diplomas of the participation.

In the musical art festival took part 12 troupes and single participants.

Members of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation were a part of jury of 34 doctors and candidates of science, professors, heads and the staff of scientific institutes and the centers.