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Ecological club of graduate students, school and university students of the Baltic and Ladoga region -

the non-governmental, youth organization founded in 1992 in St. Petersburg on the basis of the State technological university of plant polymers and the State Polytechnical university.

Founder and president of B.I.O. :

Founder and research supervisor of club:

prof. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis

prof. Alexander Shishkin

Purpose, main tasks and results of activity of club

The purpose – formation of youth in the field of environmental protection on the basis of the principles of bio-policy and bio-cultures.

The tasks of club:

  • Implementation of the basic principles youth bio - politicians on a way to bioethical values bio - cultures, bio - stories, biotechnologies, bio - communications, bio - athletics.
  • Development of new forms and methods of participation of youth in the solution of nature protection and bio-political problems of society.
  • Distribution in the society of biocentric values.
  • Association of enthusiasm of youth with professional experience of people of the senior generation.
  • Nature protection promotion.
  • Formation of a databank and distribution of information on an ecological condition of the Baltic and Ladoga region.

Results of activity:

During the period from 1992 to 2015 the club organized and carried out a large number of actions of youth by training in the field of environmental protection, among which:

  • Carrying out researches on the European international programs "Bio-Syllabus", "Coast Watch Europe", "Baltic Sea Project" on the coasts of the Baltic and White seas, the Ladoga and Chudsky lakes, small lakes and the rivers of the Baltic and Ladoga pool;
  • 60 International scout ecological camps on coast of Neva, the Ladoga and Chudsky lakes, the Gulf of Finland and other suburbs of St. Petersburg in which more than 2500 school students and students, including 410 foreign participants took part;
  • 20 International youth Bios-forums and scientific and practical conferences on bio-environment in which more than 10000 graduate students, school and university students from the various cities and regions, and also more than from 15 foreign centers of the countries of Europe took part;
  • International seminars for teachers;
  • International youth ecological camp abroad (Sweden, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Yugoslavia, Greece);
  • City's Olympiads of school students of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region;
  • International meetings of school students of the countries of the Baltic Sea .

Now our Club:

  • Carries out functions of advice center and the coordinator of regional and international projects for the ecological organizations, the centers of out-of-school education, the children's ecological centers, stations of young naturalists, ecological schools of the Baltic and Ladoga region;
  • Carries out Bios-schools;
  • Carries out schools seminars for teachers and pupils;
  • Gives classes and consultations in club activities on the basis of the St. Petersburg State technological university of plant polymers.