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Results of the XX International Bios-forum 2015 PDF Печать E-mail

XX International youth Bios-forum was held from 17 to 22 of September, 2015 in Saint-Petersburg at the St. Petersburg Scientific center of RAS, St. Petersburg State polytechnic University and St. Petersburg State technological University of plant polymers.

International Bios-forum 2015 included the Scientific international conference "International and interregional cooperation for the protection of water resources", XX International Bios-Olympiad 2015 and art and music festival.

At the 18 of September, 2015 in the White hall of SPbSPU there was the solemn opening ceremony of Anniversary Bios-forum. The opening was held with participation of leading scientists, representatives of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region and foreign guests.

Also at 18 of September took place the international conference "International and interregional cooperation for the protection of water resources" in Scientific center of Russian Academy of Sciences on the University embankment. At the scientific conference were made 15 scientific reports of young scientists, postgraduates and students.

In the framework of the international scientific conference "International and interregional cooperation for the protection of water resources" was held two seminars "Ecology of water resources" and "Regulation of anthropogenic load on water objects". In this conference they discussed modern ways of development of new principles and methods of environmental protection and habitat security for future generations at the various types of anthropogenic activities.

During of September 19-20, 2015 was held international Bios-Olympiad 2015, which included three main blocks:

· representation and protection of research works on the twelve sections of the preliminary review;

· competition on the best knowledge of methods of research of water bodies and the environment in general;

· the contest of creative works in ten categories of "environmental culture".

On 19 September were 2 competitions: a Creative and Personal-team.

The contest of creative environmental works consisted of the following areas: Eco-design facilities; Work with natural materials; Work from recycled materials a "Second life of unnecessary things"; the emblem of "Bios"; Photographs of "the World of man and nature in my lens"; Traditional crafts "Traditions of my village"; Drawings, paintings, graphics, posters "For the preservation of environmental quality!"; Essays on the theme "Environmental culture in the works of Russian classics" (journalism, literary essay, poetry).

The Personal-team competition was conducted at seven stations in the Park Ekateringof: General ecology; Instrumental assessment of water quality; Environmental monitoring; Environmental chemistry; Social ecology; Ecosystem and food chain; Environmental crossword.

September 20, in the SPb STU of plant polymers took place the Research competition.

The scintific works was divided among the following sections: Environmental assessment state of environment; Problems of flora protection; Problems of fauna protection; Hydrobiological and hydrochemical researches of water ecosystems; Medical and social environmental problems; International cooperation in the field of BIO-environment; Instrumental assessment of natural ecosystems; the Study of natural ecosystems; Biotechnology; Ecology and local lore; Social ecology; Ecology of life.

21 of September in the White hall of SPbSPU was held the closing ceremony of the XX Anniversary Bios-forum and award ceremonies.

22 of September on the basis of SPb STU of plant polymers was produced by the design of the programmes of cooperation on interregional and international levels. On the same day was the departure of participants.

Thus in the creative competition were presented 325 papers. This competition was attended by 269 people. First degree diplomas were awarded to 13 participants, 21 people received the diplomas of the second degree, 13 – third, 287 – diplomas of participnys of the Bios-forum and one work was awarded the Grand Prix.

In the personal-team competition on methods of environmental research in the Park Ekateringof participated 29 persons consisting of 6 teams.

In the research competition was attended by 266 students and young scientists. Before members of the international jury were presented 202 papers. Diplomas of the first degree received to the 48 participants, 47 people received the diplomas of the second degree, 39 – third, 98 diplomas of participnts of the Bios-forum.

In the opening and closing ceremonies of the XX International Bios-forum 2015 was attended by 24 of ensemble and solo performers.